Tuesday 21 May 2024
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Getting Help When You & Your Partner Are Struggling Conceiving In Malaysia

Getting Help When You & Your Partner Are Struggling Conceiving In Malaysia

When you are desperate to have a child, but you and your partner struggle to conceive, it can be a devastating time. However, gone are the days when there is nothing you can do, and modern IVF treatments can help you and your partner start the family you so much want. A visit to KPJ Johor Bahru is an excellent place to start, and they will begin the process by assessing both of you before letting you know what options you have available. Below is what to expect when you first visit a fertility clinic to understand what will happen during this stressful time.

Assess Your Overall Health

Before the doctor looks for the specific reasons you struggle to get pregnant, they will first want to assess your overall health. You will need to answer lots of questions, and you can do this with your partner or alone. They may want to do some additional tests, and they will then look for the root cause of your inability to get pregnant.

Nobody Is To Blame

If the doctor comes back and they have found why you cannot conceive, whether it is due to a medical condition of you or your partner, it is vital to remember that nobody is to blame. When one partner finds out that it is them that has an issue, they can often feel inadequate, so you must support them and look at the available options. You can usually do something to ensure you and your partner can have a child, but you need to be supportive and patient.

Discussing Your Options

Once your doctor understands the situation, they can then sit down with you and your partner and discuss the available options. As desperate as you may be to have a child, you also need to be practical, as IVF treatment is not cheap, and there is no guarantee of success. You will want to ask the doctor lots of questions and get them to explain anything you do not understand before going away and talking through the options with your partner.

You will not want to rush into making your decision and go through all the options you are considering with your partner. You will also need to discuss the financial implication of the treatment you need to have a baby, which can cause stress if you are not financially affluent. If you decide to have IVF treatment, you will also want to do plenty of research, as you can do things to increase the chances of your IVF treatment being successful. You can click here to read more about improving your chances of success, and hopefully, it will not be too long before you and your partner have a baby you can both love.