Tuesday 21 May 2024
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Some Of the Different Types Of Prescription Lenses You Can Get

Some Of the Different Types Of Prescription Lenses You Can Get

Some people are lucky enough not to need prescription glasses until they get older, while others have to wear them from a young age. There are many different prescription lenses available to help combat a wide variety of different eye conditions. Some people have more than one condition that they need to correct, so there are also prescription lenses to help you see clearly. Below are some of the various prescription lenses you can get to show you how much choice is available if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses.


When you have more than one problem with your vision, you may need to wear multifocal lenses to help correct your vision. You may need to wear reading glasses and have a problem with seeing distances, and rather than have more than one pair of glasses, and you can choose to wear multifocal lenses. These are very common, and you can get progressive lenses to help you see, and the casual observer will not be able to tell that you have more than one problem when they look at your glasses.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses will help correct vision when there are two issues, and it is common for them to help you read and also help you see distances or things close up. Benjamin Franklin invented bifocal lenses in around 1784, so they have been around for a significant time. There are many options available with these lenses, and they are used by many people worldwide.

Single Vision Lenses

If you do have to wear glasses or contact lenses, if you are lucky, you only have one issue with your eyes which means you can wear single vision lenses. These are much easier to make than lenses that need to correct multiple problems, so it also means these are much cheaper than other types of lenses.

Progressive Lenses

With progressive lenses, they can help correct three vision fields: close, intermediate, and distance, so people who wear them have multiple issues with their vision. These are one of the most expensive lenses, but they will mean you only need to wear one pair of glasses.

These are a few types of lenses you can wear when you need to correct your vision, but there are also more types. You can wear reading glasses or computer glasses if you work looking at screens. If you are experiencing problems with your vision, visit an optician today and make your world clear again.