Tuesday 21 May 2024
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The Top Three Alternative Classes to the Gym

The Top Three Alternative Classes to the Gym

Going back to the gym can feel daunting. You know you want to get in shape and maybe sign up for a gym membership, but you quickly find yourself becoming bored. How fun is it to go from machine to machine? Do you know how to use all the equipment? Some gyms offer introductions to equipment. An employee will walk you around the gym, give you a tour and ask if you are all set.

How much weight do you lift? How many times should you lift a week and how many reps are acceptable? Without a personal trainer, the gym can quickly make you feel anxious. You may start avoiding the gym because you do not feel comfortable. There is a solution. Specialised gyms offer instructor-lead classes. You could join Zumba, MMA, or karate.


Zumba is one of the most well-known fitness organisations in the world. It has over 200,000 classes available and is an upbeat dance class. Each routine is choreographed to enhance your cardio while dancing to the music. Zumba originally started as a Latin dance fitness class and has expanded to a myriad of music options.

It is similar to aerobics classes in the 80s, but with current music and innovative dance moves. It is a high-energy workout that will boost your metabolism and overall fitness. Rather than get bored, you will find yourself looking forward to when you can go back to the next class and dance with your peers.


If dancing is not your cup of tea, a beginner’s MMA course in Bangkok is readily available. MMA combines a multitude of fighting disciplines. It is a high-intensity workout. You will learn techniques from boxing, wrestling, karate, jujitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, and Taekwondo.

You do not have to have any experience to join. If you want to compete or just get back in shape, MMA strengthens your muscles and pushes you to the max. You can join a beginner course and see if the sport is something you enjoy. You will learn how to defend and counter-attack your opponents, all while building a community of peer support.


Boxing requires endurance. To achieve this endurance, you will be jumping rope, hitting heavy bags, and running. Boxing targets your triceps, core, biceps, chest, and shoulders. Your legs and stomach will shed fat as you thrust your weight into each punch.

Boxing is a popular sport in many countries. Before you sign up for a course, you should ask if the gym offers personal training or group training. You may want to learn with a whole group of beginners or receive individualised training. Most boxing gyms offer both options.